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Pampered Chef's new spring products.

We have some of the newest, coolest, cooking products that were released this spring. There are great hostess or host benefits, such as: Double Hostess Rewards (month of June) on parties over $650.00, 60% off cookware, and 50% off any item( as many as you qualify for). Parties are held, online, catalog or in home. I am in the Northern Western Michigan area. I will do any shows within one hour of my home. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Other companies

1. T-shirt. 2. Handmade Christmas ornaments, 6 x 6 night lights, signs, cups, other various items.

Handmade items

Personalized Christmas Bulbs


Personalized Christmas, can do many characters, names, designs, I can even use a photo that you email me and print it out and use it.

Personalized Nightlight


I can personalize these to say or look like whatever you would like it to look like.

Cut Out Scrapbooking Words / Sayings


I can make any phrases, characters, words or numbers that you can imagine. They will all be ready to add to your scrapbook or card. They start at $5.00 for small to medium, $8.00 for Large, and $10.00 for Extra Large

Memorial Photo Light


These are the same blocks as the night lights, but can be made into a memorial bank, photo light, anything you can imagine.

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